Think in Colour.
A strange book ‘ready to be heated’! 386 pages with a kaleidoscopic view on V&F's multifaceted output!
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Integrated 2013, the fourth already!
The fluidity in-between! A controversial art & design conference at deSingel in Antwerp.
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Mathematical - Form - System
A strange and inspiring exhibition. We designed the concept, the poster campaign and the catalogue.
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The new publishing platform from the St Lucas University College of Art and Design, Antwerp.
Be yellow!


Recent books & art catalogues.
We gathered about 20 books & catalogues from the last few years. Click and you will be redirected to the project.
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Designed during the last 10 years…
We gathered some posters from this last decade.
Designing posters is still our first passion.
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For Sale? Uh, no, not really. Or is it?
128 pages viewing excellent work. The latest catalogue for Van Stof tot Asse, 2014, the ninth edition.
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Invisible portraits?
Take a look at the latest 'Van Stof tot Asse' contemporary art exhibition. Commissioned by Gallery De Ziener.
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Gallery of the Greats.
65 graphic designers honoured in a bust gallery. At the occasion of the exhibition '21 years cultural posters'.
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Ad infinitum.
A very bizarre and captivating picture book. Commissioned by Kris Vervaeke. Read & view more


Integrated2011, mindblowing with a lot of rock & roll!
Third issue already! (picture: Pazuzu)
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Addmagazine, issue 12.
With colourfull work of the Pfäffli brothers, Morag Myerscough etc.. Read & view more


One By One, edited by Jianping He (2012).
Dedicated to every graphic designer
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The only genuine Fake poster designed by
Jo De Smedt & myself to attack the official one…
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Karel De Meester art catalogue
Installations by this controversial artist, printed in black & white. Commissioned by De Ziener. Read & view more


with an amazing Stefan Sagmeister
& the legendary Storm Thorgerson amongst others.
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A manifesto written to announce Integrated2011.
About the current artistic and design practice.
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Please be nice to clients!
A critical essay on pitches, stupidity and greed
Published in 2009, but still relevant. Read more


Tales of a city 2. Another inspiring workshop, last year in The Hague at the Royal Academy.
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Faculty staff exchange
Teaching at the Ringling College of Art & Design,
Sarasota in Florida. Read & view more


Stefaan Vermuyten art catalogue
with a wonderful quote on the cover.
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Thank God, it is!
Take a look at some weird T-shirts.
Published in Typoshirt 1, Index Books.
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Why are so many new logos so ugly?
A critical essay, published in Addmagazine issue 10.
Deciding not to design a new logo might be the best idea!
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Tales of a city 1.
An amazing collaboration between three art institutes:
Sint Lucas Antwerp, KaBK, The Hague & Marmara
University in Istanbul. Read & view more



Addmagazine issue 10, already.
About longterm relationships between clients & designers, not an easy issue these days…
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21 years of cultural posters in Flanders.
A wonderful exhibition, some time ago.
Right in the heart of Brussels
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Untitled: Variations in Design Practice.
Amazing workshops and lectures at the Otis College of Art & Design in Los Angeles (image by Jan en Randoald).
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Addmagazine issue 9.
Reinvention. With Pippo Lionni, Siggi Eggertsson,
Stefan Sagmeister & many others
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Integrated exhibitions.
At Sint Lucas, College of Art & Design, Antwerp.
Viewing some past speakers…
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Join our movement!
There must be someone to take the lead, right?
Forward to whom you want…

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Addmagazine issue 8.
Narrativity. With The Stone Twins, Jo De Smedt,
Mitja Miklavcic and a whole squad of young designers.
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Talking at TYPO San Francisco 2012.
Theme: Connect. Using this picture –I took in Paris recently– as a nice metafor. Go to the website


Final_ly Unpublished.
The Masterbook 2012, published by YellowPress and
St Lucas University College of Art and Design Antwerp.
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